Meet Bushy Kakxy (7475455)


Bushy Kakxy is a young coatikin male who is a poorly skilled painter by trade. Bushy is motivated by breathing problems.


Bushy Kakxy is a tall coatikin with a dark complexion and matted graying fur. Bushy appears chubby and has hollow eyes. His friends describe him as inspiring, while others see Bushy as repulsive. Physically, he appears able-bodied and resistant.


Bushy appears embarrassed, but if approached, he will act guilty. When provoked, Bushy is bold. Peers consider him dimwitted. People who know Bushy think he is honest. Looking back, he is unrepentant of his past choices.

Bushy is barely getting by, and is generous with what he owns. Many would consider him lucky and somewhat confident.

His favorite hobby is floral arranging.

He considers himself an overzealous worshipper of the lesser deity Sserkog teh Zarazor.