Meet Adanelldo Warmwax (1201317)


Adanelldo Warmwax is an elderly halfling male who is an incompetent herbalist by trade. Ada is motivated to better himself.


Adanelldo Warmwax is a short halfling with a florid complexion and waxy, dark skin. Ada appears chubby and has bloodshot eyes. His friends describe him as inspiring, while others see Ada as repulsive. Physically, he appears sinewy and vital.


Ada appears eager, but if approached, he will act xenophobic. When provoked, Ada is panicky. Peers consider him dumb. People who know Ada think he is honest. Looking back, he is unrepentant of his past choices.

Ada is barely getting by, and is generous with what he owns. Many would consider him unlucky and somewhat confident.

His favorite hobby is tie dyeing.

He considers himself an insincere worshipper of the intermediate deity Falborn Teasall.