Meet Rugzar Oozefury (1201317)


Rugzar Oozefury is a middle-aged fire goblin male who is a decently skilled beer seller by trade. Rugzar is motivated by greed.


Rugzar Oozefury is an average height fire goblin with a flushed complexion and pockmarked, porcelain skin. Rugzar appears skinny and has close-set eyes. His friends describe him as average, while others see Rugzar as ugly. Physically, he appears sinewy and vital.


Rugzar appears disappointed, but if approached, he will act unreliable. When provoked, Rugzar is nervous. Peers consider him dumb. People who know Rugzar think he is trustworthy. Looking back, he is satisfied of his past choices.

Rugzar is well off, and is generous with what he owns. Many would consider him lucky and somewhat confident.

His favorite hobby is collecting posters.

Rugzar also suffers from migraines.

He considers himself a dutiful worshipper of the quasi-deity Mulda from Germma.