Meet Illhiassa Longsun (1201317)


Illhiassa Longsun is an ancient elf female who is a skilled bleacher by trade. Illhiassa is motivated to find meaning in a prophecy.


Illhiassa Longsun is a short elf with a muddled complexion and rough, tawny skin. Illhiassa appears thin and has deep-set eyes. Her friends describe her as obnoxious, while others see Illhiassa as attractive. Physically, she appears powerful and fortified.


Illhiassa appears gleeful, but if approached, she will act unreliable. When provoked, Illhiassa is chicken-hearted. Peers consider her average. People who know Illhiassa think she is trustworthy. Looking back, she is unrepentant of her past choices.

Illhiassa is barely getting by, and is stingy with what she owns. Many would consider her lucky and incredibly confident.

Her favorite hobby is urban exploration.

She considers herself a pious worshipper of the intermediate deity Ang.