Meet Rhaz Neckbreaker (4940595)


Rhaz Neckbreaker is a middle-aged orc female who is a poorly skilled locksmith by trade. Rhaz is motivated to hoard precious items.


Rhaz Neckbreaker is an average height orc with a dull complexion and cracked, bisque skin. Rhaz appears stocky and has deep-set eyes. Her friends describe her as obnoxious, while others see Rhaz as ugly. Physically, she appears inactive and resistant.


Rhaz appears tormented, but if approached, she will act jolly. When provoked, Rhaz is nervous. Peers consider her dimwitted. People who know Rhaz think she is inconsistent. Looking back, she is repentant of her past choices.

Rhaz is making ends meet, and is stingy with what she owns. Many would consider her lucky and incredibly confident.

Her favorite hobby is debate.

She considers herself a devout worshipper of the demi-deity Ulril Dogcloak.