Meet Cor (4963091)


Cor is an adult kobold male who is a poorly skilled tanner by trade. Cor is motivated to be respected by his peers.


Cor is a tall kobold with a dull complexion and thick blue scales. Cor appears skinny and has sunken eyes. His friends describe him as charming, while others see Cor as repulsive. Physically, he appears inactive and resolute.


Cor appears tormented, but if approached, he will act jolly. When provoked, Cor is craven. Peers consider him clever. People who know Cor think he is faithful. Looking back, he is apologetic of his past choices.

Cor is destitute, and is stingy with what he owns. Many would consider him unlucky and incredibly confident.

His favorite hobby is orchid raising.

He considers himself a dutiful worshipper of the greater deity Ocyisto.