Meet Xoog Lafhule (6981373)


Xoog Lafhule is a middle-aged shadow hobgoblin female who is a decently skilled porter by trade. Xoog is motivated to ensure others are free.


Xoog Lafhule is an average height shadow hobgoblin with a muddled complexion and thick, dark skin. Xoog appears chubby and has glazed eyes. Her friends describe her as charming, while others see Xoog as good-looking. Physically, she appears sinewy and fortified.


Xoog appears rejected, but if approached, she will act trusting. When provoked, Xoog is craven. Peers consider her clever. People who know Xoog think she is credible. Looking back, she is questioning of her past choices.

Xoog is making ends meet, and is generous with what she owns. Many would consider her unlucky and not very confident.

Her favorite hobby is juggling.

She considers herself an overzealous worshipper of the quasi-deity Kbok Oozewiser.