Meet Ghash Eaglemane (6981373)


Ghash Eaglemane is an adult ogre male who is a poorly skilled sheriff by trade. Ghash is motivated to make the world better.


Ghash Eaglemane is a short ogre with a pallid complexion and thick, albino skin. Ghash appears thin and has close-set eyes. His friends describe him as charming, while others see Ghash as attractive. Physically, he appears able-bodied and resistant.


Ghash appears infatuated, but if approached, he will act trusting. When provoked, Ghash is panicky. Peers consider him clever. People who know Ghash think he is treacherous. Looking back, he is regretful of his past choices.

Ghash is barely getting by, and is stingy with what he owns. Many would consider him lucky and incredibly confident.

His favorite hobby is learning foreign languages.

He considers himself a reverent worshipper of the minor deity Zhudd Necknor.