Meet Cak (6981373)


Cak is an ancient aquatic kobold female who is a decently skilled weaponsmith by trade. Cak is motivated to be awarded a title.


Cak is a short aquatic kobold with a pallid complexion and durable green scales. Cak appears frail and has close-set eyes. Her friends describe her as obnoxious, while others see Cak as attractive. Physically, she appears able-bodied and unflagging.


Cak appears lonely, but if approached, she will act jolly. When provoked, Cak is fearless. Peers consider her clever. People who know Cak think she is credible. Looking back, she is unashamed of her past choices.

Cak is poor, and is generous with what she owns. Many would consider her unlucky and incredibly confident.

Her favorite hobby is dog training.

She considers herself a devout worshipper of the demi-deity Olythoe.