Meet Bea Coggleblast (7475455)


Bea Coggleblast is a young gnome female who is a reasonably skilled jeweler by trade. Bea is motivated to win first place.


Bea Coggleblast is an average height gnome with a dark complexion and blemished, fair skin. Bea appears frail and has hollow eyes. Her friends describe her as off-putting, while others see Bea as unattractive. Physically, she appears shaky and resolute.


Bea appears woeful, but if approached, she will act guarded. When provoked, Bea is faint-hearted. Peers consider her dimwitted. People who know Bea think she is inconsistent. Looking back, she is questioning of her past choices.

Bea is making ends meet, and is generous with what she owns. Many would consider her lucky and somewhat confident.

Her favorite hobby is flower collecting and pressing.

She considers herself a dutiful worshipper of the intermediate deity Rit.