Tremble Before Gratla from Drigta (2200466)



  • Science (6)
  • Moonlight (1)


Gratla from Drigta is a middle-aged lesser deity who appreciates endurance. Gratla is known as the god of Science. He is maintaining popularity in today's world.

His holy symbol is a burly wood sideways apple. Offerings are the preferred form of worship and bastard swords are the favored weapon.


Gratla from Drigta sometimes chooses to appear as a nightmarish vision before his followers, but has been known to take the form of a short, middle-aged molekin. He usually dresses in his preferred colors, burly wood and blanched almond.


While in public, shamans of Gratla may wear decorative attire, and will often follow a Vow of Submission - to submit to those who ask of it.


Gratla's followers are pious, and are often hidden about their affiliation. Gratla is thought to have hundreds of active worshipers throughout the world. Followers of Gobesh are rigidly organized.