Meet Ilriginne Melithmist (3156139)


Ilriginne Melithmist is a young elf male who is a poorly skilled apothecary by trade. Ilriginne is motivated to dominate others.


Ilriginne Melithmist is an average height elf with a flawless complexion and soft, tawny skin. Ilriginne appears obese and has deep-set eyes. His friends describe him as off-putting, while others see Ilriginne as repellent. Physically, he appears weak and unflagging.


Ilriginne appears tender, but if approached, he will act gossipy. When provoked, Ilriginne is unafraid. Peers consider him dimwitted. People who know Ilriginne think he is devious. Looking back, he is remorseful of his past choices.

Ilriginne is destitute, and is stingy with what he owns. Many would consider him unlucky and somewhat confident.

His favorite hobby is yoga.

Ilriginne also suffers from diabetes.

He considers himself a pious worshipper of the lesser deity Gosh Bearsnout.