Meet Whitslap Rapwhu (3977717)


Whitslap Rapwhu is a young koalinth bugbear male who is an incompetent seamstress by trade. Whitslap is motivated to be confident.


Whitslap Rapwhu is an average height koalinth bugbear with a muddled complexion and thin, beige skin. Whitslap appears chubby and has beady eyes. His friends describe him as inspiring, while others see Whitslap as repellent. Physically, he appears strong and unflagging.


Whitslap appears hurt, but if approached, he will act nervous. When provoked, Whitslap is nervous. Peers consider him brilliant. People who know Whitslap think he is dependable. Looking back, he is unashamed of his past choices.

Whitslap is poor, and is stingy with what he owns. Many would consider him lucky and somewhat confident.

His favorite hobby is hairstyling.

Whitslap also suffers from blood pressure.

He considers himself a devout worshipper of the lesser deity Drogta of Drigla.