Meet Anra (9518507)


Anra is a middle-aged troglodyte male who is a decently skilled leatherworker by trade. Anra is motivated to get into a secret organization.


Anra is a short troglodyte with a flushed complexion and rough silver scales. Anra appears skinny and has hollow eyes. His friends describe him as off-putting, while others see Anra as ugly. Physically, he appears sinewy and lazy.


Anra appears irritable, but if approached, he will act embittered. When provoked, Anra is panicky. Peers consider him dumb. People who know Anra think he is inconsistent. Looking back, he is apologetic of his past choices.

Anra is barely getting by, and is stingy with what he owns. Many would consider him lucky and incredibly confident.

His favorite hobby is ballet dancing.

He considers himself a passionate worshipper of the quasi-deity Ellenaen Meadowfeather.