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So what exactly is the purpose of Megacosm Generator? Inspiration.

Being creative is hard, whether you're a Game Master, Dungeon Master, Writer, Painter, or whatever. Sometimes you need that little kick in the pants to get you motivated. Megacosm Generator is here to fill that role.

The goal of Megacosm Generator is to provide you with a full, procedurally generated world to explore- from solar systems to geopolitical issues to cities and people. The world should be robust and expansive enough to run an entire campaign for a tabletop role playing game and have enough flavor to write a series of books about the experience. It should read like a local gazette, yet provide consise enough data for a Game Master to use while playing.

How You Can Help

Like what you see? Awesome.

There are many different ways you could contribute if you'd like to see the project expand. Ideas aren't the problem, it's the piddly details that need work.

If you're willing to help with time and energy, you can check out the codebase, make improvements and submit pull requests or simply report any issues that you find.

Thanks again, and enjoy.

- The Megacosm Team