Meet Rashaza tah Oresskon (2975330)


Rashaza tah Oresskon is a young lizardfolk male who is a poorly skilled ropemaker by trade. Rashaza is motivated to broker a truce over escalating tension.


Rashaza tah Oresskon is a tall lizardfolk with a flushed complexion and thin black scales. Rashaza appears obese and has beady eyes. His friends describe him as average, while others see Rashaza as repulsive. Physically, he appears herculean and resistant.


Rashaza appears tender, but if approached, he will act jolly. When provoked, Rashaza is tough. Peers consider him clever. People who know Rashaza think he is inconsistent. Looking back, he is regretful of his past choices.

Rashaza is making ends meet, and is stingy with what he owns. Many would consider him unlucky and somewhat confident.

His favorite hobby is collecting memorabilia.

He considers himself an insincere worshipper of the minor deity Balgar Silverroad.