Meet Belnalanae Teasen'sun (6111101)


Belnalanae Teasen'sun is a juvenile elf female who is a skilled baker by trade. Belnalanae is motivated to be recognized by others.


Belnalanae Teasen'sun is a tall elf with a radiant complexion and blotchy, yellowish skin. Belnalanae appears skinny and has beady eyes. Her friends describe her as obnoxious, while others see Belnalanae as good-looking. Physically, she appears inactive and exhausted.


Belnalanae appears aggravated, but if approached, she will act intimidated. When provoked, Belnalanae is fearless. Peers consider her dimwitted. People who know Belnalanae think she is dependable. Looking back, she is questioning of her past choices.

Belnalanae is making ends meet, and is stingy with what she owns. Many would consider her unlucky and not very confident.

Her favorite hobby is building dioramas.

She considers herself a dutiful worshipper of the minor deity Jednorgath Swiftfury.