Meet Gaerigava Whitearrow (4179193)


Gaerigava Whitearrow is an adult elf female who is a legendarily skilled rugmaker by trade. Gaerigava is motivated to hoard knowledge.


Gaerigava Whitearrow is an average height elf with a flushed complexion and rough, terracotta skin. Gaerigava appears stocky and has sunken eyes. Her friends describe her as charming, while others see Gaerigava as repulsive. Physically, she appears able-bodied and resistant.


Gaerigava appears disappointed, but if approached, she will act pacifistic. When provoked, Gaerigava is faint-hearted. Peers consider her dumb. People who know Gaerigava think she is reliable. Looking back, she is accepting of her past choices.

Gaerigava is well off, and is generous with what she owns. Many would consider her lucky and somewhat confident.

Her favorite hobby is restoring antiques.

She considers herself an inattentive worshipper of the lesser deity Bark Zonzy.