Meet Delelliyn Norreglider (9818508)


Delelliyn Norreglider is a middle-aged wood elf male who is an impressively skilled mercenary by trade. Delelliyn is motivated to help others recognize the beauty of art.


Delelliyn Norreglider is a short wood elf with a tanned complexion and splotchy, dark skin. Delelliyn appears thin and has deep-set eyes. His friends describe him as inspiring, while others see Delelliyn as attractive. Physically, he appears shaky and resistant.


Delelliyn appears infatuated, but if approached, he will act mocking. When provoked, Delelliyn is tough. Peers consider him dimwitted. People who know Delelliyn think he is untrustworthy. Looking back, he is unrepentant of his past choices.

Delelliyn is making ends meet, and is stingy with what he owns. Many would consider him unlucky and not very confident.

His favorite hobby is gaming.

He considers himself a devoted worshipper of the intermediate deity Nogra of Dregla.