Meet Nhodd Mokripper (5672795)


Nhodd Mokripper is an elderly lowland orc female who is an incompetent seamstress by trade. Nhodd is motivated to become wiser.


Nhodd Mokripper is a tall lowland orc with a dark complexion and clear, reddish skin. Nhodd appears thin and has hollow eyes. Her friends describe her as charming, while others see Nhodd as repellent. Physically, she appears strong and vital.


Nhodd appears pitiful, but if approached, she will act apologetic. When provoked, Nhodd is unafraid. Peers consider her clever. People who know Nhodd think she is faithful. Looking back, she is remorseful of her past choices.

Nhodd is barely getting by, and is stingy with what she owns. Many would consider her lucky and incredibly confident.

Her favorite hobby is paper models.

She considers herself an insincere worshipper of the quasi-deity Gavwan Triggertonk.