Meet Podibe (7669746)


Podibe is an adult harpy male who is a gifted cutler by trade. Podibe is motivated to with a championship competition.


Podibe is a short harpy with a jaundiced complexion and thick blue feathers. Podibe appears frail and has bloodshot eyes. His friends describe him as charming, while others see Podibe as hideous. Physically, he appears inactive and exhausted.


Podibe appears tender, but if approached, he will act conniving. When provoked, Podibe is chicken-hearted. Peers consider him dumb. People who know Podibe think he is credible. Looking back, he is satisfied of his past choices.

Podibe is poor, and is stingy with what he owns. Many would consider him lucky and not very confident.

His favorite hobby is rock climbing.

He considers himself a reverent worshipper of the greater deity Abaorin Rubymail.