Meet Drigga of Grotgo (2197575)


Drigga of Grotgo is a middle-aged leosapien (lionfolk) male who is a poorly skilled librarian by trade. Drigga is motivated to be dominated by others.


Drigga of Grotgo is a tall leosapien (lionfolk) with a dark complexion and coarse brown fur. Drigga appears thin and has deep-set eyes. His friends describe him as inspiring, while others see Drigga as repellent. Physically, he appears able-bodied and vital.


Drigga appears grouchy, but if approached, he will act conspiratorial. When provoked, Drigga is panicky. Peers consider him average. People who know Drigga think he is inconsistent. Looking back, he is unashamed of his past choices.

Drigga is well off, and is stingy with what he owns. Many would consider him unlucky and not very confident.

His favorite hobby is fly fishing.

He considers himself a reverent worshipper of the greater deity Pandora.