Meet Fwappa Thudthwack (9169355)


Fwappa Thudthwack is an adult bugbear male who is a skilled blacksmith by trade. Fwappa is motivated to physically protect others.


Fwappa Thudthwack is a short bugbear with a pallid complexion and blemished, coffee skin. Fwappa appears frail and has close-set eyes. His friends describe him as obnoxious, while others see Fwappa as cute. Physically, he appears sinewy and resolute.


Fwappa appears envious, but if approached, he will act clumsy. When provoked, Fwappa is tough. Peers consider him dimwitted. People who know Fwappa think he is treacherous. Looking back, he is apologetic of his past choices.

Fwappa is well off, and is generous with what he owns. Many would consider him lucky and incredibly confident.

His favorite hobby is bonsai.

He considers himself a devoted worshipper of the greater deity Dagsoe Skyhoof.