Meet Dak Eaglefang (1135341)


Dak Eaglefang is a juvenile ogre male who is a gifted good Samaritan by trade. Dak is motivated by intestinal cramps.


Dak Eaglefang is a short ogre with a flawless complexion and thin, sable skin. Dak appears obese and has heavy eyes. His friends describe him as obnoxious, while others see Dak as attractive. Physically, he appears powerful and exhausted.


Dak appears triumphant, but if approached, he will act gossipy. When provoked, Dak is chicken-hearted. Peers consider him dimwitted. People who know Dak think he is credible. Looking back, he is accepting of his past choices.

Dak is poor, and is generous with what he owns. Many would consider him lucky and incredibly confident.

His favorite hobby is the performing arts.

He considers himself an insincere worshipper of the intermediate deity Nbuk Blademurder.