Meet Zomd Darkdoom (9050600)


Zomd Darkdoom is an adolescent night goblin female who is a skilled messenger by trade. Zomd is motivated to protect nature.


Zomd Darkdoom is a tall night goblin with a dull complexion and thin, burnt sienna skin. Zomd appears stocky and has deep-set eyes. Her friends describe her as obnoxious, while others see Zomd as unattractive. Physically, she appears able-bodied and lethargic.


Zomd appears worrying, but if approached, she will act idealistic. When provoked, Zomd is intrepid. Peers consider her clever. People who know Zomd think she is honest. Looking back, she is unrepentant of her past choices.

Zomd is well off, and is stingy with what she owns. Many would consider her unlucky and incredibly confident.

Her favorite hobby is taxidermy.

She considers herself a dispassionate worshipper of the demi-deity Bap.