Meet Giathoe (229928)


Giathoe is a middle-aged harpy male who is a decently skilled bleacher by trade. Giathoe is motivated to be awarded a title.


Giathoe is an average height harpy with a radiant complexion and rough silver feathers. Giathoe appears obese and has cross-eyed eyes. His friends describe him as off-putting, while others see Giathoe as ugly. Physically, he appears able-bodied and resistant.


Giathoe appears blissful, but if approached, he will act easily offended. When provoked, Giathoe is nervous. Peers consider him clever. People who know Giathoe think he is reliable. Looking back, he is unrepentant of his past choices.

Giathoe is making ends meet, and is stingy with what he owns. Many would consider him lucky and somewhat confident.

His favorite hobby is making dioramas.

He considers himself a pious worshipper of the lesser deity Zisszuk ser Jazileo.