You found a scroll (5097550)


The Mediocre Scroll Of Mental Resistance is a parchment scroll that protects the user from mental attacks and damage. It is stored in an in disrepair book. The scroll itself is covered with ideograms. The parchment is excellent quality, and the container is in disrepair. It is considered a minor magical item. This scroll was created over a century ago by a harpy.

Warning: Side effects may include vomiting, which are temporary.

Danger: This scroll carries the The Truthteller Curse causes the victim to be strongly compelled to tell the complete truth, and can only be undone by performing a blood sacrifice. Untreated, the effects of the curse last for a few hours at a time..

Description If Found...

"Hidden on a sage you find a book containing a parchment scroll covered with ideograms. "