Tremble Before Tudun Bigmouth (2287726)



  • Hiding places (2)


Tudun Bigmouth is a modern demi-deity who appreciates skill. Tudun is known as the god of Hiding Places. He is more popular than ever in today's world.

His holy symbol is a brick anchor. Dances are the preferred form of worship and martial arts are the favored weapon.


Tudun Bigmouth sometimes chooses to appear as a blindfolded woman before his followers, but has been known to take the form of a tall, modern goblin. He usually dresses in his preferred colors, brick and coral.


While in public, shamans of Tudun may wear decorated mantles, and will often follow a Vow of Humility - to abstain from extolling your own virtues.


Tudun's followers are reverent, and are often cryptic about their affiliation. Tudun is thought to have no active worshipers throughout the world. Followers of Gobesh are rigidly organized.