Tremble Before Car Rocketfuel (9270584)



  • Mystic insight (1)


Car Rocketfuel is a recent quasi-deity who appreciates honor. Car is known as the god of Mystic Insight. He is fading in today's world.

His holy symbol is a beige circled bell. Tithings are the preferred form of worship and daggers are the favored weapon.


Car Rocketfuel sometimes chooses to appear as a blindfolded man before his followers, but has been known to take the form of a tall, recent gnome. He usually dresses in his preferred colors, beige and banana.


While in public, rabbis of Car may wear headdresses unique to their faith, and will often follow a Vow of Poverty - to forswear material possessions.


Car's followers are passionate, and are often proud about their affiliation. Car is thought to have an unknown number of active worshipers throughout the world. Followers of Gobesh are formlessly organized.