Tremble Before Domah Skullsnapper (6427313)



  • Necromancy (8)
  • Alcohol (1)
  • Mysticism (1)
  • Frost giants (1)


Domah Skullsnapper is a primeval intermediate deity who appreciates charisma. Domah is known as the god of Necromancy. He is mostly unknown in today's world.

His holy symbol is a blanched almond burning anchor. Dances are the preferred form of worship and halberds are the favored weapon.


Domah Skullsnapper sometimes chooses to appear as a thundering voice before his followers, but has been known to take the form of a tall, primeval orc. He usually dresses in his preferred colors, blanched almond and cold grey.


While in public, disciples of Domah may wear nondescript robes, and will often follow a Vow of Obedience - to live according to the dictates of a superior in the religious order or similar organization.


Domah's followers are insincere, and are often cryptic about their affiliation. Domah is thought to have near a thousand active worshipers throughout the world. Followers of Gobesh are flexibly organized.