Meet Snorgan Brassfighter (166676)


Snorgan Brassfighter is a young arctic dwarf female who is a reasonably skilled sheriff by trade. Snorgan is motivated to be a useful teammate.


Snorgan Brassfighter is an average height arctic dwarf with a florid complexion and lined, albino skin. Snorgan appears chubby and has close-set eyes. Her friends describe her as off-putting, while others see Snorgan as hideous. Physically, she appears sinewy and unenergetic.


Snorgan appears dread-filled, but if approached, she will act spiteful. When provoked, Snorgan is panicky. Peers consider her brilliant. People who know Snorgan think she is treacherous. Looking back, she is apologetic of her past choices.

Snorgan is barely getting by, and is generous with what she owns. Many would consider her unlucky and not very confident.

Her favorite hobby is dog sports.

She considers herself a devoted worshipper of the greater deity Barmmo Neglo.