Meet Barro from Maelo (7077198)


Barro from Maelo is a young molekin female who is a gifted interpreter by trade. Barro is motivated to desperately ask for help.


Barro from Maelo is an average height molekin with a flawless complexion and matted blonde fur. Barro appears obese and has dark eyes. Her friends describe her as average, while others see Barro as cute. Physically, she appears herculean and resolute.


Barro appears alienated, but if approached, she will act impatient. When provoked, Barro is fearless. Peers consider her average. People who know Barro think she is honest. Looking back, she is remorseful of her past choices.

Barro is making ends meet, and is stingy with what she owns. Many would consider her unlucky and not very confident.

Her favorite hobby is seashell collecting.

She considers herself an insincere worshipper of the over deity Beetle Kazdy.